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cocktailaudio logoCocktail Audio on Korea IT-firma Novatron haru, mis on juba pea 20 aastat tegelenud Hi-Fi klassi multimeediaseadmete arenduse ja tootmisega. Coctail Audio valikust leiab erinevaid multifunktsionaalseid seadmeid, mis suudavad täita striimeri, DAC-i, muusikaserveri, CD-ripperi, kõrvaklapivõimendi, stereovõimendi rolle kas koos või üksikult.

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USB DAC + Network Player     
N15D HiFi Network Adapter, Music Storage & Player with Music Database, Streamer, USB DAC and much more. Give networking capability to your existing DAC or Amplifier. Wireless LAN optional. Silver, Black 649
N25 The N25 is the World’s most advanced Network Audio Player, featuring a Sabre32 Reference DAC chip and high-performance Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor, running at 1.0Ghz. It has been designed to meet all the requirements of digital music playback, keeping pace with today’s digital world. Spotify, Tidal Masters with MQA, DSD, HDMI ARC input etc Silver, Black 1149
All-in-One (Music Server+DAC+Amplifier)    
X14 Revolutionary Hi-Res HiFi System. Small, but Powerful All-In-One
Just add speakers and enjoy wonderful sound with amazing features. Wireless LAN optional.
Black 699
X35 The most advanced All-In-One Music Player, CD Ripper, Music Server, Network Streamer, Digital Recorder, and more. Wireless LAN optional. Silver, Black 1699
Pure Digital Player     
X50D Most versatile and powerful Pure Digital Music Server with database, CD Ripper, Network Streamer and much more  Wireless LAN optional. Silver, Black 1799
X50Pro The Reference Pure Digital Music Server, CD Ripper and Network Streamer for Audiophiles. Enjoy highest performance, versatile functions and easy use wtih audiophile level sound quality.  Wireless LAN optional. Silver, Black, Gold 3999
Music Server + DAC     
X45 The X45 is a World-Class High-resolution Audio Player and DAC, which is featured by Dual Sabre³² Reference DAC chips built-in, CD Ripper, Music Server, Network Streamer, Music Recorder, and much more.  Wireless LAN optional. Silver, Black 1999
X45Pro Feel great and dynamic sound created by a combination of SABRE PRO Flagship ES9038PRO DAC and OPA627BP Precision High-Speed OP Amp.  Wireless LAN optional. Silver, Black 4999
Hybrid All-In-One (Headphone Amp+DAC+Pre-Amp+USB DAC)    
HA500H Feel not only beautiful and warm sound delivered by Vaccum Tubes, but also transparent and dynamic sound created by Solid State electronics. Natural and magnificent sound reproduction of the HA500H will fascinate music lovers and audiophiles Pre-Amplifier and Asynchronous USB DAC for audiophiles Silver, Black 2199
Bluetooth dongle Bluetooth transmitter Kit for N25 Black 99
WiFi USB dongle For Wireless LAN Black 39